Ant Control

Ant Control

Ants are considered the most common pest infesting homes and are usually very difficult to keep in check. Proper control of ant infestation takes a professional who understands ant behavior and has experience dealing with ants and their control. Dubai Pest Co can help you with expert ant control solutions.

Ants Identification / Inspection

Inspection is the first step in any pest control. A thorough study of the source of the ants is important to understand the type of ant control that is to be used. This is usually done by following the ant trail. The pheromone trail is followed along the established route from any food source where ants are spotted. This trail usually runs along with the kitchen counters, carpet edges, doors, windows, etc. Some ants move along their trails during the day. Still, certain ants like carpenter ants are nocturnal and can be spotted only at nightfall near any damaged wooden furniture, tree stumps in your yard, or piled-up wooden logs.

Ant nests can be spotted near areas of vegetation, mulch, or around foundation walls. Any item placed for long periods on the ground is an easy spot to find ant nests. Some nests, however, are quite hidden and hard to spot. Ants are also known to have satellite colonies. This means that the ants have nests in the neighboring homes and so, even if the nest in your property is treated professionally, the ants from the neighboring colonies must be prevented from entering your property as well.

Ant Control / Treatment /Extermination

Ant control or ant extermination strategies are usually determined based on the type of ants identified during the inspection. It is necessary to do both indoor ant control and outdoor ant control. Dubai Pest Co can help with both ant control treatments. Dubai Pest Co adopts green ant control strategies that are environmentally friendly. The entry points are then cleaned to remove the chemical pheromone trails. This will prevent the ants that are following the trail. Then a nonrepellent residual insecticide is sprayed around the perimeter and the entry points identified during the inspection. This completes ant control outside the premises. Finally, all the colonies or nests are identified during the inspection and treated directly using ant baits or the nonrepellent insecticide mentioned earlier.

Baits must be chosen based on the type of ant and are placed around the hot spots located during inspection. These baits must be chosen so that the ants pick the baits and take them to the hidden colonies or nests. Baits and insecticides should not be used in the same spots. Once taken back to the nests, the baits are passed on to the queen ant and larval ants. This is a highly effective method of ant extermination treatment as it eradicates the hidden nests.

Ant Prevention

Extermination is not complete without prevention methods to stop re-infestation. Steps to be taken for ant prevention:

·       Cracks, crevices and such small entry points are caulked and sealed to prevent the entry of the ants

·       Any plants, bushes or tree branches must be trimmed to prevent the entry of ants

·       A leaky roof or plumbing needs to be repaired

·       Exposed wood must be painted or sealed to avoid moisture

·       Firewood must be stored above the ground and away from the structure to avoid entry into the house

·       Damaged, rotten or worn out wood needs to be replaced

Large colonies of ants cause extreme pestilence to the property owners. Therefore, it has become extremely important in adopting ant control and ant prevention methods in restaurants, warehouses, offices, and hospitals, which helps eliminate ant colony growth. Dubai Pest Co LLC facilitates effective ant control, ant prevention, and ant extermination services all across UAE. Dubai Pest Co can help keep the premises of apartments, villas, offices clean by exterminating your ants and creating a hygienic living environment. Dubai Pest Co provides both residential and commercial Ants Control Services all across UAE.

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